King Tut


As I have mentioned over the past couple of days. I have had a hard time coping with life. No worries really, I have fought before and I will again.. only another 8 days till i get a week off. Anywho, the one thing I have grasped on too is Steve MartinKing Tut song. I thought I would share the lyrics, coz damnit they make me laugh.

So here ya go…. by the way.. if you don’t get the bit about being born in Arizona and moving to Babylona….don’t panic I don’t eather. If anyone does no the answer, then please let me know. Ta

Now when he was a young man he never thought he’d see (King Tut)
People stand in line to see the boy king (King Tut)
How’d you get so funky (funky Tut)
Then you’d do the monkey
(Born in Arizona moved to Babylonia King Tut)
Now if I’d known the line would form to see him (King Tut)
I’d take up all my money and buy me a museum (King Tut)
Buried with a donkey (funky Tut)
He’s my favorite honky
(Born in Arizona moved to Babylonia King Tut)
Dancing by the Nile
Ladies loved the style (waltzing Tut)
Rocking for a mile (walking Tut)
He ate a crockodile
He gave his life for tourism
Golden idol
He’s an Egyptian!
They’re selling you
Now when I die now don’t think I’m a nut
Don’t want no fancy funeral just one like old King Tut (King Tut)
He coulda won a grammy (King Tut)
Buried in his jammies
(Born in Arizona moved to Babylonia
Born in Arizona got a condo made of stone-a (sic) King Tut)

Go on tell me you didn’t laugh.. I dare ya…. He’s A WILD AND CRAZY GUY

Until Next Time….

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