Bored and Awake…Again!!!!

So it’s nearly three am again and I am more awake than ever. I think I have broken my body. The depression is getting too me on a daily basis now and the nerves in the right side of my face are going haywire.

I am sleeping at the weirdest times and throwing my body clock out of whack. I figure I’ll have to bite the bullet and just do 36 hours without sleep and try and break myself back into a normal sleep pattern. I figure with plenty of movies and coffee it shouldn’t be too hard. Combine that with random blog postings at varying stages of awakeness and we’ll be flying.

I joined a different kind of Yahoo group this week and unsubbed after a few days. This group took pleasure in being assholes to eachother. As far as I could tell it was a group designed to swap pictures of famous women in varying stages of undress… I have nothing against that, but what ticked me off was the way the group alienated newer members by constant infighting and bitching between a supposed bunch of grown men… they acted like Chav women sat on a street corner drinking cheap ass cider on a wet wednesday afternoon.

I left the group today after sitting through 76 emails about how one woman was a “Hook Nosed Evil GONK”

Fuck that, I would rather share what I find with the people who read this blog (if anyone does).

To that note I have found a rather sexy picture of another one of “My Womens”

Jenny McCarthey is a wild woman. I “discovered” her when she co-hosted The Big Breakfast ages ago. Anywho I was smitten and I woke up at 7am for two weeks just to get my morning madness with Jen and John.

Anywho, This is the first time I have seen this pic… and with my penchant for Black Underwear this picture is just too damn perfect.



I am going to add to the website over the next few days.. gonna make it more about me.
Random writings and bullshit from the one and only me.

I may even play around with some different styles. Well see.

Oh Well

Until Next Time…

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