What a day.

As usual I post when I should be asleep.

I sat at work this afternoon wondering where I want to be in the next few years. You know all I could come up with was in a BIG RED TRUCK in a straw cowboy hat. How fucked up is that. I was so damn slammed at work that’s as far as I got.

Why a cowboy hat.. I have no idea.. it might have something to do with the Redneck Humour and Montgomery Gentry I have been listening too today. Screwed up or what.. I wanna be a good ol boy.

It’s been almost three weeks since I upped the dosage on my Anti Depresants. They are still working. I am walking around work full of the joys of winter..(I hate spring and summer.. winter is a joyfull time for me.) I have been cracking jokes and doing stupid voices… Pavlov The Russian made an appearance today. Pavlov liked the smell of fresh Strawberries in the office.. what a Kooook!!!

I wanna leave you with this thought stolen directly from Larry The Cable Guy (modified by me)
If you have a kinky wife who likes edible underwear, could you get Diabetes from too much sex????????

Oh Well…

Until Next Time…