Why Not

I have been surfing around some of the sites I used to read daily, and they
seem to have lost some of their appeal to me. Maybe it’s because I have
changed so much since I started blogging or maybe the writers moved on in a different direction.

Who knows?

Depression is an expensive passtime to try and get over. So far since I have been off work (8 work days to date) I have been obsessed with buying stuff.
Maybe I am trying to copmpensate for my lack of self esteem by buying my happiness.
I gotta stop though, we don’t have the money.

I have started playing the Ebay game. I see it as a game it makes me happy.
It’s kinda like gambling without the inherant risk involved. I only bid on
things that i actually want and can afford and I only ever bid what I can
afford. I haven’t won shit yet but it’s only a matter of time.. hopefully
this sunday if no one outbids me on the dvd I am bidding on.

Mind you there are times when weakness takes it’s toll like a few minutes
ago when watching a TV auction I bid for a 140 pound watch… the bidding ended
at 26 pounds and everyone pays the lowest price… I just hope They call me back.

Oh Well

Until Next Time…

What a t’do

What’s a guy to do at 2.30 in the morning when he’s out of ammo and staring down the barrell of a sub machine gun which is held in Crackpots slimey Terrorist mitts…
Drop a smoke bomb and run like fuck.

Yep in a fit of bizzare insomnia I re-installed counter strike last night and went a fraggin’. I am not a hardcore L337 gamer or nothing I just enjoy blowing shit up and shooting little pixilated men.. it’s fun.

In an unusual for me show of appriciation I have to say thank you to my wonderful wife… who deserves a post of her own but I don’t have the time (the meds kick in in about 45 minutes and I have shit loads to do).
Over the past two weeks (and beyond) has been a star a diamond and godsend. She has looked after me during some scary crazy shit.

Every woman I have ever posted on this website is nothing compared to the beauty that is my wife. Even though she has her own health issues she has gone on and looked after me and lived on 3 or 4 hours sleep and still working a full time job too boot. I have to find a way to thank her for everything but everything i have come up with is just not enough. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Oh Well I gotta run and get ready for today’s Zombiefication.

Until Next Time…