Why Not

I have been surfing around some of the sites I used to read daily, and they
seem to have lost some of their appeal to me. Maybe it’s because I have
changed so much since I started blogging or maybe the writers moved on in a different direction.

Who knows?

Depression is an expensive passtime to try and get over. So far since I have been off work (8 work days to date) I have been obsessed with buying stuff.
Maybe I am trying to copmpensate for my lack of self esteem by buying my happiness.
I gotta stop though, we don’t have the money.

I have started playing the Ebay game. I see it as a game it makes me happy.
It’s kinda like gambling without the inherant risk involved. I only bid on
things that i actually want and can afford and I only ever bid what I can
afford. I haven’t won shit yet but it’s only a matter of time.. hopefully
this sunday if no one outbids me on the dvd I am bidding on.

Mind you there are times when weakness takes it’s toll like a few minutes
ago when watching a TV auction I bid for a 140 pound watch… the bidding ended
at 26 pounds and everyone pays the lowest price… I just hope They call me back.

Oh Well

Until Next Time…

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