A Workish Update

Just a quickie catch up.. I got more to write about Lynyrd Skynyrd songs tomorrow.. but this is what I wrote at work today…..

It’s going well, I mean I am working and I am out of the house, which is a good thing.. I am smoking less than half of what I was and I am eating even less.. so getting back to work isn’t all that bad.

Tuesday was a shock to the system.. I actually settled back into things really quickly… everyone was super nice… I was starting to feel guilty about all the attention.

But anywho.. I am back in the swing of things, back contributing to the man as they say. I miss my old team but I am sure that once everything gets to be more normal here I will fit right in rather than be the strange one with the manic tick who keeps looking over his shoulder to answer the voices in his head (btw I don’t have a tick but i do keep looking to answer the voices in my head 🙂 )

That’s it for now.. check back tomorrow for my redneck post of the week

Until Next Time…