I am an Ahhhhtist dear an Ahhhtist I tell you

I could be the worlds worst film critic. I enjoy pretty much all the films I see.

Now what makes me say this. Well last night I sat through and really enjoyed Freddy Vs Jason again for about the fifth time and still the blood and the gore still makes my spirit lift.

As some of you regulars will have noticed I have been absent for a week or so. I have hit a major funk with my Bi Polar and I took a week of from the world. It hasn’t really helped that much but at least now I am back in a position for the moment to work again and leave the house for my daily walk to and from the bus to work without shaking and making milkshake of my blood and bodily fluids.

Last week I couldn’t even muster the energy to write to you my wonderful readers. I must have started 10 or 20 posts and each of them ran out of steam by the time I got to “hello how are you”.

My elaborate plans for improvement around here got as far as my new banner up top of the page, I made that in a fit of creativity on Saturday afternoon. It helped to get some frustration out of the old system. It reminded me of the times when I used to be in VP chat and I used to paint avatars for chat users.

When things were quiet in poetry land, I needed something else to occupy my mind. Cyber Sex just wasn’t possible all the time. SO I started teaching myself how to Paint Av’s. It started innocently with me just making Av’s with peoples names on in MS Paint and creating shadows by doing it in black first and then going over the black text with a colour.. it was VERY basic but I was off.

After a while I commandeered a copy of Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro 5 and started getting more elaborate with MUCH MUCH practice.
I learned what the programme could do, cutting out the people from the background and adding new backgrounds. It was all good fun and it gave me something to do when the internet wasn’t available during the days. I slowly started to get better ( I wish I had some of those first av’s to show you but i deleted them or lost them in various computer crashes over time.)

As time drew on and I moved to the states I had a constant internet connection and more time on my hands than i knew what to do with, i started painting more and more and with the practice came more skill and new tips and tricks. I started entering paint contests. The general idea was that the contest judge would display an Avatar and set guideline or rules in which way they wanted the Av painted ie no PSP tubes or which name they wanted. The first few contests I entered I didn’t finish the paint and usually ran away and hid in shame. But as time went on (time is going on allot today isn’t it) I got bold and thought “Damn it” and entered regardless of how naff I thought my paint was. Then I started getting placed in contests and I started to get asked to paint in different paint-shops within Virtual Places. I was becoming a known painter (a small time known painter but still i was known)

Once I started winning the contests I lost the internet connection due to a puter breakdown and no cash to fix it. I was out of luck. By the time I got a new computer i just did feel the same about painting. I just did it for myself and the odd one in a friends paint-shops. I became bored with sitting in chat rooms not talking to anyone and waiting for people to come and ask for paint jobs.

So once I got back online and into the swing of things I moved on and did other things.

These days I use the skills I taught myself painting on Web Graphics (like the logo above). It’s far more rewarding working on larger graphics and there is always the opportunity to wipe the floor with my BABY brother who thinks he is all that.. but he ain’t really.

Until Next Time….