Shopping mania

Well I am here at casa da younger bruvva. The kids are more manic than I am after a three day bender with out my anti psych pills and I loves em for it. The train journey was a freaking nightmare and I am already dreading the return journey. How sad that I can’t live for the moment and am so caught up in the fears that tear at my soul… fuck a duck I sound like I am being led away to be shot at dawn… well I can hope….

We took a taxi cab across London this afternoon and were very surprised when it worked out, mile for mile about 75% cheaper to take a taxi in London than it was from home to work back in Corby.



Anyway the real reason for this short but sweet post is to tell you all about my adventure in Christmas Shopping land with my mum last night. I got off work a couple of hours early to make sure I was home and ready last night without too much stress going on. Well when the works bus took a detour through town I thought I could get off in town and meet mum and get a McDonald’s for dinner rather than any of us cooking.

Well I met her and I now know why Nik and I had such great Christmas’ as kids.. the woman can’t go into a shop and not buy something for her kids.. in this case Kieran and Jess. Mind you I am assured that Nik and I didn’t do bad out of last nights shopping mania… (I can’t wait for Christmas day).

I swear my mother could impulse buy for England and the great thing about it is that I know she won’t have to return a damn thing she bought because her impulse buys are better than mosts carefully considered purchases. Mind you just don’t mention the Jumper she bought that was advertised as a large ( you know how these Thirty somethings get a little big around the middle as the get and it turned out to be medium… I take partial blame for that as I suggested she get the V Neck sweater and not the zippy up the front one, which after being here a few minutes found out that he wanted the zippy up one and not the v-neck one.. fussy bugger.

Anyway… that’s about all I gotta say for now… but a tip for you… if you ever get the chance to go shopping with one or both of your parents around this time of year make sure you have a lot of coffee handy and just watch the way they used to be when you were kids.

Until Next Time…

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