Goodbye 2005

It’s New Years Eve and I am sat here going over what has happened in the past year. Some of what has happened has appeared in the pages of this very blog, the majority hasn’t. My breakdown was skipped over in a couple of posts and rightly so, I think. You don’t come here to see and read about my inability to hold a normal life together. You want to be entertained.

I am however proud of myself that I have gotten to the end of another year. There were certain points during 2005 when t all seemed too much and dropping out of life seemed like a good way to go. But, with the strength and love of my family I am still here and getting stronger all the time.

So a quick squizz back at what really happened.

I woke up New Years Day with a hangover and I only had one more drink after that day.

I was asked to leave work and not come back until they were comfortable with my mental health… I was off for close to three months and swore that that would be the last time I would have to be put in the position of being asked to leave the building for the safety of those around me… next time I go postal and be damned with it.

We went back to the States to visit family and have a slight break from normality. We took Mum with us to let her experience the great American dream for herself. She like me didn’t want to return. Seeing my Mum’s reaction to life in America even for just the short time we were there was an eye opener for me. All her life she has been stuck with a caregiver role and now she got a chance to live for herself even for a week, it did her good. We all look forward to our next trip which hopefully won’t be too long in coming. I know my mum is reading this and all I have to say is BOB EBANSSSSSSSSSS)

We said goodbye to our landlord and close friend Robin this year. Goodbye mate and keep on rocking.

We said hello to an old friend returning to our lives.. DOCTOR WHO is back and he gets better with every episode.. mind you I still don’t get why Christopher Ecclestone left after only one series but judging by the recent Christmas episode David Tennant is going to be a classic Who. I will have my sonic screwdriver in hand in the spring when the new series starts.

I went back and started writing my memoirs of a theatre bod. It was an eye opener to see how much people enjoyed those posts and when I get the time I plan on writing more of them.

Live8 happened and was a blast to watch at the time, but for some reason there were only two or three real stand out moments for me. Things that I would look back on the recorded version and watch over and over again. U2 and Paul McCartney doing Sgt Peppers, Madonnas full song and dance routine, The Who and PINK FLOYD reuniting . Considering that this show was on for over 10 hours there should have been more than 4 stand out moments.

Well that’s my BRIEF and NOT comprehensive look back at my year. I am sure there was more to it, but at the moment I don’t remember.. so they couldn’t have been too stand out.

Check back tomorrow ( I mean it for my look to the new year)

Until Next Time…


  1. Mum had fits at Bob Evans breakfasts. I don’t think she had eaten as much in a whole day as she did for her first (of 4) breakfasts there.

    As for the next post.. well I had my first technical glitch of the year.. I posted my memo for 06 and technically forgot that I had to let people know it was

    Look at the top of the second sidebar and you’ll see Memo for 06.