Virgins… yeah Virgins

So it’s Sunday morning and I am awake at 10am I am on my second cup of coffee and my third or forth cigarette and now II am listening to Virgins… NO not that kid of Virgin, but rather Virgin Classic Rock digital radio station. I realise that most of the music I am listening to was made and realised years before I was born. Which makes me feel not quite as old as I did when i woke up this morning aching like a man who had been around for 40 years past his sell by date. But that is besides the point.

“Who is Peter Frampton anyway?”

Why is my listening to a classic rock station important at this time of the morning any more important than me listening to a classic polka station at 4 in the morning, well you see it’s a medical reason.
Part of my Bipolar Disorder gives me the amazing ability to hear voices that aren’t really there. I hear loads of weird shit at every given moment that there isn’t something audible going on. It’s worse when there is no background noice, speaking doesn’t block it out, it just confuses me, TV helps sometimes but more often that not it’s music that has to be playing.
For the past 15 to 20 days I have been having these little psychotic episodes, I must have listened to Dark Side of the Moon 30 times already. I needed a change 😆

I have been going through my archives and there are some missing pictures here and there so I am going to spend today going through and trying to replace to some of the images that are missing and tidying things up… I have to do something semi constructive. Gotta keep the archives up to date, saves me thinking of anything more useful to do.


Apparently this is Peter Frampton… ohh he’s a pretty boy isn’t he.