Heavily Medicated

This how I feel most days about an hour after taking my morning meds. Most of the time I have too work with two hours of taking them and it can make things very interesting for the customers I deal with. I am off work at the moment. I just couldn’t handle the pressure of having severe depression and dealing with angry customers. The depression made me make mistakes at work and the angry customers would just exacerbate the depression because there is very little a front line agent like me can do for a parcel that hasn’t been delivered… it has to be escalated up to a customer care agent. Enough about work for now, it’s getting me stressed just going on about it.

The main reason for this post is to see how pictures are handled on this new theme. The theme by the way is called scruffy (bit like me really) and was gotten from the wordpress theme repository.

In future posts I will go into detail about what’s going on at the moment with me, I just have to work out a way to do it without getting my a$$ canned any quicker than it already is.

Be Safe Y’all

Until Next Time…