Looking up

Today was suprisingly uplifting day. We travelled back from Kent this morning and I made a concious choice not to take a Lorazapam this morning, just to see how far I could push myself without snapping. I had my extra pills with me so I could slip one in if things got too much. But they didn’t, I made it all the way home unaided by (extra) medication.

This whole weekend has been so relaxing for me I think it has done me more good than I realised it possibly could. Even Mum had noticed the change in me. I am hoping this wave of feelgood feelings hang around as I don’t feel hyper and I don’t feel particularly down, I feel just about as stable as I have for a while now.

Am I ready to go out on my own? Not quite. Am I getting closer to having more confidence? Absolutely

Until Next Time…

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