Happy New Year

It’s that time of year where I guess I should be making some kind of plans or resolutions for the year ahead. Well, I would but I know I would just break them within a week. So here are some recommendations for myself for the year coming up.

  • Read More – I am an appallingly bad reader. I start a book and give up on it within the first chapter. I gotta get more reading done, it might improve my writing some too.
  • Lose Weight – I gotta do something I don’t walk any more I waddle.
  • Exercise – Just get some is all I am saying
  • Write More – I need to buckle down and write more than I do now… be it blogging or creative I just have to write more and release some of the pent up frustration that my hands feel more and more lately
  • Wise up to my own Health – I am going to find out what I am taking and what they are for. I am starting a Medication Management course through the MHT in mid January. I plan on asking lots of questions.

2008 was pretty sucky for me. losing my job in October was a particular low point. It finaly proved that the illness is starti8ng to win. I had lost control of my life and I still don’t have any of it back. I can’t leave the house unaccompanied (even though I do try… I go to my dentists appointments on my own, but that is just in a taxi out of the taxi in the office out the office in a taxi out of a taxi and back home.. it’s no big achievement really).

I am not including getting out of the house unaided in my list of things to be done in 09 as I don’t think that that is at all realistic and is not something that should be rushed. It will happen when it happens.

Here’s to a prosperous new year and hopefully a healthier one for all of us

Until Next Time…

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