The Job Centre

Yet again it’s close to midnight and I am posting again. By the time i finish typing this up it will be tomorrow, hello tomorrow goodbye yesterday. Today was a day I had been dreading for some time. Today I had a Pathways to Work meeting at the local Job Centre Plus (why the jobcentre is now plused I dunno but it’s pretty much the same bullshit hell holes they were when i used to be an unemployed student).

I find Job Centres to be demoralizing places. They sap your will to live. All the well meaning bods that work in the offices look like they “REALLY” enjoy thier jobs and are just over willing to help the clients. For example the lady I saw today asked what my illness was and I told her Bipolar Affective disorder and she just knew that it was a problem with concentration that I had probelms with, nothing to do with the raging voices in my head or the blokes walking to and fro in my garden. I wish my only problem was a lack of concentration, hell I could work on that. After that It was like she was reading from a prepared speech. You could just etll that she had done this spiel a dozen times today already. I wish I could feel sorry for them but I can’t. My mum used to work for the Job Centre and I know what the regular person on the floor of the Job Centre goes through. I just don’t see the dedication to helping people I saw in my mum when she worked for the JC. Maybe I am just maternally biased.

I did feel at times that the interviewer was trhying to put words in my mouth and I had to correct her a couple of times so that an accurate representation of my BP was put forward. I wanted to get as much info across in this interview because I now have to go through the Pathways interviews, 5 of them over a 6 month period i think. I have heard bad things about these pathways interviews but for the life of me I can’t remember  where I read about them to link back or get an accurate quote. Needless to say the reprorts weren’t favorable to towards the pathways people. The only snag is if I don’t take part in all five interviews they have the right to place sanctions on my benefits so I have to put up with whatever shit they throw at me. I just have to be my own best advocate and stay strong. I know what I want to get out of these interviews and I have to stick to my guns. They are there to SUPPORT me (at least that’s what I was told today).

That’s about it from me for now. My CPN still has the flu so I am now going on four weeks without seeing her. I just hope I see her again before my Medication Management course starts.

Until Next Time…

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