Kerry Katona Mental Health MTV Show

A cheeky pose by Kerry KatonaAs reported on Digital Spy, Kerry Katona is planning a show all show on MTV about her struggle with Bipolar disorder. It may just be me but I think this is gonna be car crash TV. It’s got all the possibilities of setting back the public perception of what it’s like to suffer with Bipolar. We. in the mentally interesting world, know how hard it is to live with Bipolar or some other Mental Health issue, so having a TV programme highlighting what would, quite possibly, show all the bad points and not so many of the good points (by good points I mean those days when the pills are working and you surf through a day without too many problems.) What concerns me is the fact that MTV’s demographic is for the younger members of society, a group not generally well known for their tolerance towards mental health. It is too easy for them to make fun of something that is different to “the norm”.

I hope that there is some scientific side to this show and it’s not just a repeat of what we saw on Katonas’ This Morning interview. That is what started this whole shebang off. I think I would feel better if this show was being made in conjuction with a channel that specialises in Medical programmes or at the very least had some kind of track record with non sensational viewing. Now having said that I haven’t watched any MTV for quite a few years but from what I have heard Kerry Katonas previous shows have been rather sensationalist and aimed at getting headlines and not exactly eductating an audience in the delicate troubles of suffering from a mental illness.

I hope to be proved wrong and that MTV will do what they used to be known for back in the 90’s and have a serious piece of journalism and give a balanced view of what it really is to live with Bipolar disorder… but I have visions of seeing a haggard and slurring woman always complaining that her life is the pits. It could be so good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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