Getting Jiggy With Bipolar

Yes folks it’s time to get jiggy… or at least talk about getting jiggy.
This isn’t as random as it sounds. I got a weekly email from Bipolar Connect this week just gone, and it’s main headline was  The Top Ten Ways To Support Your Bipolar Mate. I love lists like this they always make me laugh… usually not in a good way either. They are usually full of flowery sentiments and they lose the realness factor and you have to have a sugar induced diabetes coma session to get through it all. So I read this article with trepidation and not half way through I was sat there with tears in my eyes. Let me quite you what struck me as funny:

4. Remember that we have certain strengths and super-hero abilities at times. Take advantage of this. For example, if we go hypomanic and suddenly desire intimacy for hours on end, or multiple times per day, help us out. Keep in mind our meds sometimes take this desire away for months on end, so when it does come around use this to your advantage. You might even go so far as to say “Paint the house and I’ll fulfil that little fantasy you’ve been hinting at for years…” The house will be painted in a matter of hours.

It was the Help us out line that got me… almost pleading.
Having the depressive side of Bipolar I don’t get many hypermanic sexual urges. It takes a lot to get me interested at the best of times. I do however occasionally use sex as an anti depressant and the endorphins rush helps for a while. But I am buggered if I am gonna paint the house just to get to see linda dressed up as Princess Leia from Star Wars… I have a good imagination :o)

Princess Leia

I knew if i tried long enough I could tie Bipolar to Star Wars. Ohhh could it be I am in a reasonable mood today… well yes it could be assumed that that was the case. I didn’t wake up until noon and then i just laid in bed listening to the Tennis. From there I got up and made breakfast and burnt everything (Go Me!!!) and after that I have just sat around doing not a lot, which is pretty usual for me lately, but for some reason no one has been on my back about anything. It’s been fun watching Mum squirm every time it started snowing… she hates the stuff and has claimed that she has had a word with the authorities that be that the snow is going to totally bypass Corby a bit like a crescent moon shape if you get my not very helpful simile.

On a totally unrelated note we watched the live broadcast of the band Elbow Live at Abbey Road with the BBC Orchestra last night. It was a blissful hour of great music done really well. The Orchestrations were top notch and the choir they had singing with them were great as well. On a Day Like This sounded the best I have ever heard it. I love the ending of that song where the band finish and it’s just vocals to the end with minimal rhythm section playing. Brilliant stuff.

This is a youtube version of Grounds for Divorce. This is the Directors Version of the video, not sure of the differences. I’ll have to pay more attention next time I am watching them. Enjoy

This is Grounds for Divorce. Not sure how long it will be available but I’ll leave it here till it expires. You can view the whole thing on the BBC website at this address Elbow Live In Concert. I do know for definite that the show in full is only available until the 7th of February 09 so get in there while it’s still available (NB: This is only available to those in the UK Sorry bout that folks outside of the UK)

Ok that does it from me for now.

Until Next Time…

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