Pushing and Pulling

I haven’t felt like blogging the past few days. The adventure that was tooth extractions went decidedly painful. From the list of things I couldn’t do after the procedure I was led to believe that I would be over it in 24 hours… after all that’s how long I couldn’t smoke for couldn’t drink very hot or very cold drinks or I couldn’t do VIGOROUS exercise. The no smoking thing was on a hiding to nothing.. no way was I going through that much pain and not smoking. It made for funny viewing trying to watch me roll and smoke a cigarette on Wednesday. It was a good thing that Mum thought ahead and bought me 20 Marlboro for just such an occasion. I do believe that the dentist injected my jaw with enough Lidocane to numb a baby rhino. At least I didn’t bite through my cheek this time (which is what I did the last time I had my mouth numbed).

My medication management meeting was understandably cancelled again this week. I woke up Tuesday morning and knew there would be a message on my answer machine telling me that it was cancelled and lo there it was a message. So I called the MHT and spoke to the nurse who part of the MM team and was told that the Doctor who runs the course was unable to get in due to the snow. I haven’t heard from them since so I have no idea when my next appointment will be. Hopefully not to long as I am now eager to get this all started, the anticipation is building.

I have been reading quite a few MH blogs of late and one thing has struck me. The complicated words used are sometimes so confusing that I often give up reading. Now I am not saying that bloggers should dumb down thier blogs just for me, but really do they have to use a 15 letter word when two 5 letter  words will do the job just as well and will most likely not confuse the reader. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I should have a little dictionary or thesaurus sat by the computer when I read my blogs. I hope that I don’t confuse my readers (if there are any)? I usually write in the fashion in which i speak. My writing is usually just a blurt of what is on my mind. I don’t edit to well. I usually go over the post with a spell check and 90% of the time it catches my mistakes and when it doesn’t Meh! I don’t really care. I usually catch the odd mistake when i read through after posting and I will edit then.

Oh well it’s nearly bedtime so…

Until Next Time…

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