That Post…

It was week 2 of my Life Skills workshop today and without really knowing it a chap in the group gave me the best In to this post possible.

We were discussing what beliefs we all held about dealing with stress and one chap went around the group of people that had spoken at length last week and the people he has spoken to outside of the group dynamic and he summed me up pretty well.

“That chap” points to me “Doesn’t know what he wants as of yet”

That my sound like a derogative thing for a virtual stranger to say, but in context of the conversation he was right.
I don’t know what I want spiritually. I know there is a a higher purpose there has to be, there are to many random variable for it all to be just by chance.

Do I think that the earth was made in 7 days under 10000 years ago: Let’s not be bloody silly. One word. DINOSAURS

Do I think that Jesus Christ is our saviour: No. But I do believe that there was a guy called Jesus who lived about 2000 years ago. There are too many followers to deny that. Mass hysteria cannot be sustained for that long for there not to be some grain of truth there. I think that Jesus was a special kind of fruit and nut case who believed what he said and believed his own hype at the end and went around saying that his God was the all knowing and all powerful.

I honestly don’t know if I will ever believe in any religion or faith system. I am always open to hearing others points of view but whatever you do… don’t try and ram it down my throat. You talk, I’ll Talk and we’ll get along fine. But if you preach at me and try and bend me to your will through force you’ll lose, I am more than likely liable to get up and walk away.

This isn’t the post I wanted it to be by a long way, but I am too mixed up over this whole life skills workshop thing today to really concentrate. Why am I posting this if I am not happy with it? Well it’s because I am keeping my mind open and this is just a part of my thought train… call it snatches of my mind.

Until Next Time…

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