They Can Rebuild Me

It’s official I now have a foreign body in me permanently. I had two more teeth pulled today and had them replaced with a lovely set of three new plastic ones. As I write this I want to remind myself when I read this back in years to come…. that IT BLOODY HURTS WHEN THE DRUGS WEAR OFF.

When I first went to the dentist all those months back I thought that I would be getting a face full of fakery and was pleasantly surprised when he told me that I would only need three falseys. What followed was a building of my confidence to be able to go to the dentists office on my own without the major need of Lorazapam. It almost felt comfortable to go there. Now I don’t have to go back for three to four months I wonder what I will replace my little victory jaunts with. For the next four weeks I have the Life Skills workshops to do and I attend them on my own. So that’s got my weekly trip out on my own. I really need to build up my solo flights so to speak.

I just want to apologise for the crappy post last night. I was kinda bummed out about I dunno what. I think it had something to do with the Life Skills workshop and some of the issues that were raised. I couldn’t tell you what they were specifically but the whole thing kid of bought me down. I did try and speak out a little more yesterday and I contributed a little more, I just wish I knew where the sparkling wit and jovial Me went. I miss him sometimes.

OK I am gonna head off and winge some more about my mouth being sore and try and figure out what I can eat without hitting the roof… Salt and Vinegar crisps should do the open wounds some good… I need a good cry anyway lol.

Oh yeah I am now going to subscribe to scary ducks LoL Theory – Read about it HERE

Until Next Time…

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