Sunday 26th Med Management Diary

I kept myself busy today and tried not to think about tomorrow. I supposed to have a meeting with Working Links in another pointless meeting about going back to work. Something I can’t foresee me doing for a while seeing as I can’t get to the bus stop with getting myself in a flap. I am taking small steps to try and get back to work, but it’s just stuff like going to the dentist on my own… taxi from door to door stuff. If I can get out of going to populated areas I will. I don’t know if that is a habit I am cornering myself into or if it’s all part of the anxiety issues. If I were to guess today, then I would say it’s about 20/80 in favour of the later.
I bailed on the meeting last time and felt a complete failure then and I just know that when it comes round tomorrow morning will be just the same. I also have to get a fasting blood test done at some point tomorrow so I have had to stop eating and drinking after 10pm this evening. NO COFFEE. I went to bed early.

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