I have a few websites that I read daily (actually I read some of them ten times a day, mostly news sites).
One of them is entertainment website Digital Spy. I read it mostly for it’s cult section and the forums can be fun at times. But Occasionally a strange article will catch my eye, in a section that I would never normally read. Today that happened and it was in the Eastenders section. Now I have to say that I hate with a passion all the soaps. They are almost as bad as Reality TV. In this house that doesn’t leave me much TV time. Anyway getting back to the train of thought I was on… This article is about a storyline that is currently playing out on Eastenders. The story line is based around the character Stacy Slater and her finding out that she is Bipolar. Here is a link to the story. i won’t go into the story line but from my understanding of the whole premise is that her Mother Jean has bipolar and now Stacey has it too. See I just cut down a whole months worth of boring soap land pap into one sentence… I’d be a crap soap opera writer.

This whole thing lead me to start thinking about the rationale behind the whole Bipolar is a Genetic condition. I have not seen any concrete evidence that states that it is and on the same hand I haven’t seen any that disproves it. I guess in the cold light of day it should make sense that it’s genetic seeing as it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain which could be classed as part of your genetic make up. In my case though is where the whole theory falls flat on its arse. Neither of my parents were/are Bipolar. Now the illness could have skipped a generation as my maternal grandfather was a Manic Depressive.

I only met him once and I don’t remember that because I was way to young. But from what I have been told that he was quite severely ridden with the illness. He went through Electro Shock Therapy in the bad old days where you would get your noodle fried and lose days of memories and be catatonic for a week after the treatment.

I don’t know if my illness is directly contributed too by my grandfathers illness but there COULD be a link. A Link that I think deserves more research. BUT dear readers that is where I am at a loss. I have tried googling bipolar genetic links and haven’t come up with anything that gives any firm answers ( I know that here is not a definite yes or no answer but i need more than the usual we surveyed 34 people and their great aunts type survey). So if you know of any good links with articles please leave a comment with a link or two.

Also if you have any opinions about this leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Until Next Time…

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