I am having problems breathing. I don’t know if it’s a panic thing or if it’s a congestion thing. I can breathe through my nose fine but if i do I feel like I am drowning… hence I am a dreaded mouth breather today and that makes for interesting listening when I am on the phone.

I have a plan for a second blog…. in fact it’s already in place. It has been for several months, I just don’t seem to be able to get up the ooommmppphhh to get it started. Once I start it it will run itself. Well, not run itself but once it’s running I’ll be more motivated to post more often. If anyone reads this sporadic blog will know my track record is not a good recommendation for starting a second one.

I am still going through medication management and we have now gotten me off of Flupentixol all together with very little negatives. I am off Lorazapam and on Diazapam. We have reduced it down to 2mgs a day with the option of a third mg if needed. Today is the first day I have needed it in the past week. I really miss my little blue friends at times. I probably shouldn’t admit that as it probably shows a certain degree of reliance on them… or if you want to put in in plainer terms I miss them because I was getting or had gotten addicted to them. Wow that was a weird thing to admit in the open.

I haven’t been writing much of anything lately… updates for here… my medication management diaries, they have all gone for a burton. I just haven’t had a creative urge in ages. I have all but given up on entering the Art exhibition later this year as I don’t think I will ever be able to come up with anything remotely worthy of displaying to the public. I could drag something up from the archives but that just seems like it’s cheating and no effort has been expended for the occassion and they deserve better than that. But who knows things may change and I’ll have a creative spurt and ream off loads of new stuff and I’ll have an abundance of stuff to offer… ooohhh look mummy pigs are flying in the sky.

Well that’s it from me for now… I can’t think of anything else except I feel blurgh and ack.

Until Next Time…