Round and Round

I would have written sooner but ya see it just wasn’t flowing. I have about ten partially started in my drafts folder that one day I may finish. I am doing fairly well. No major things going on. I seem to “Just Get By” most of the days lately.

I recently told a friend that I was BiPolar and it wasn’t a big thing for me or her. She was sympathetic to the fact that I lost my job last Octopber but there was no poor you. This my friends is a good thing to know that my friends from back in the day still accept the Grumpy ol bastard that I was back then as still the Grumpy ol bastard that I am now.

They have discotinued the Medication Management Clinic at my local MHT. This means that the long drawn out recovery period has been drastically cut short and I have only been weened off of two drugs. I was expecting to come down to mono-treatment as I was on a duo-treatment (and for the most part still am). They took me off the Flupentixol and Lorazapam and put me onto Diazapam and now they have weened me off that. I really wanted the cahnge so I felt that I had to go along with the changes that were put forward even though that in little under a week I willl be totally without anti anxiety medication all together. They have refered me to a lady at the Bungalow in town who specializes in Relaxation and anxiety management techniques. So that could help but I dunno I have been medicated so long I am a bit afraid of going it alone.

On a  final note…  if any of you read this just keep a thought in your heads for aethelread from He’s been MIA for a couple of weeks and some are getting a little worried about him.

Keep the Faith.

Until Next Time…