Hold On In There…

It’s been a long week. I have pushed myself further this week than I have in quite some time. I have been out of the house into town three times and lo and behold… I survived. Who knew life outside could be so “easy”.

When I say easy I mean anxiety ridden bordering on Paranoid breakdown. I have felt hightened sensations every time I have been out, but I have pushed through the feelings and just got on with it. No doubt that5 will get me some brownie points at my next Anxiety Management meeting on Monday.

Not much else has been happening around these parts, I have been to busy taking time out for myself and pushing my boundaries.

The Singapore Grand Prix starts in 4 hours… the only thing I have to decide on now is do I bother going to bed or do I just say SOD IT and stay up for the duration.

Until Next Time…

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