Showing Off

Well after so much build up, the art exhibition finally opened this past Saturday. Friday night I was thinking of every excuse to call them and pull my shit out of the show. I couldn’t come up with one excuse other than I think it’s poop on a stick and I don’t want to be embarrassed.

Saturday morning rolled around, I was up at 5.30am just sitting here thinking up more excuses. I could get there well before it opened and get in there and remove the offending articles before the show opened. Again I couldn’t think of a way to break in and do the do. I had one other slight flaw in my plan. I didn’t know which unit in town the exhibition was being held in. I knew it was in the centre of town but I was stupid enough not to ask the person I spoke to on Thursday where it was being held.

At one point, a person told me it was going to be held in the Cinema suite in the new part of the shopping centre. So Saturday morning I made the choice that we would start at that end of town looking for the show. So off we tootle and we get to town and start walking through the new part of town looking at every shop for people in their looking arty. Once we got to the dead centre of Town and we still hadn’t found it I don’t know what was happening… could it be the cosmic fates aligning for me to miss the show and not go through the embarrassment of being around other artists and critical people looking at my digital doodles.

But no Mum had the wise idea to actually ask someone where the exhibition was. Just my luck, he knew and was most helpful in giving us directions and even going as far as offering to walk us around to the show…. damn him… i hope his walkie talkie runs out of batteries.

We were still a bit early so we slowly walked around and joined the throng queuing up to see the Lady Mayor open the exhibition. She was late. Only by a few minutes but it just goes to show that she wasn’t really interested. My first critic… You can probably see by now how paranoid I was by the time 5 past 10 arrived. Once the doors were actually opened I felt my feet being swallowed up by the concrete floor. I felt physically ill. I just didn’t want to go in. But bless my psychologist, who was there to offer support to the MHT and all those who had taken part, he ushered me in and virtually pushed me in.

Once inside I saw my stuff on the walls straight away. it was the two pathetically small pieces on the wall right next to several hand painted collections. I suddenly had my worst fears realised in my own mind… I was a fraud. I had no talent. I was just offering doodles whilst these worthwhile artists showed that they were worthy of being on a wall showing their stuff.

I stood in front of my two pieces and just looked at them framed by the other great stuff and it slowly dawned on me. That it didn’t matter the size of the paper it was what was on the paper. Who is to say what others thought of the digital doodles. No one apart from Mum and Linda commented within my earshot so I don’t really know. Maybe My psych will mention it next time I see him on Friday.

We stayed at the exhibition for about 30 minutes and then I started getting a bit antsy as it really was getting a bit crowded. Ever since I stopped taking the Lorazapam and Diazapam I have a really low tolerance to crowds. We took a final look around and for a split second I looked over my shoulder and wondered what all these people really thought of my stuff. I would never know. Unless that I get a phone call from someone asking to buy the prints when the show is over.. and then the answer would be yes but I would have to know which ward they are in so I could arrange to visit them on visiting day.

Anyway I promised that once the show was open and running that I would post the stuff that I entered. So here it is.


This is called Sour Puss


This is called The Blues

So that’s them. The blues has been posted on here before I think but I didn’t want Sour Puss to be lonely so I posted it again.

I enjoyed making them, and it has given me more of an impetus to do more larger stuff. Once I have it all together I’ll upload some of the smaller ones I have done for forum signatures and Avatars.

Until Next Time…

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