Smaller Stuff.

I said a week or so ago that I would post some of my other artistic endeavours. I forgot about it and it was only when I was adding the last post that I scrolled down through my pages and saw that I had said I would do it. So here you go some of the forum sig files that I have done. They are all classed as being beginner standard but every small step makes a little dent in my useless barrier.


So there you have it. That is how I have been keeping myself busy. They are not much but every step to me at the moment is a big one. When I first got a copy of photoshop it was because my old programme didn’t do what I wanted it to any more. I was daunted and I beat myself up over getting the damn programme to do what I wanted it to do and not what it wanted to do…Photoshop is like that…has a mind of it’s own.

In other related news. I have been invited to a relaxation workshop tomorrow. It’s being run for the next 6 weeks and it’s done by the same woman who does my anxiety management meetings. Hopefully I’ll get a lot out of it… if not then at least once a week for an hour I will be chilled out.

Until Next Time…