Well hello there… nice to meet you again. Did you miss me?.. didn’t think so…but anyway onto the news.

Not much to say really. My mood is all over the place. I really don’t know what to do with myself most of the time. I spent Monday and Tuesday moping around and Wednesday… well I’ll come to Wednesday in a minute. Thursday was residual highs of Wednesday but by lunch time I was back to where I was on Tuesday and today I am just blasé about everything. The only thing that is keeping my spirits up today is the thought of seeing a couple of minutes sneak peek at the first Christmas Doctor Who special on Children in Need. Oh how easily I am amused.

Anyway Wednesday. Wednesday is my usual day for relaxation group. This week I had my anxiety meeting too Anxiety first the relaxation… It worked for me, it saved me going out twice in one week to the same place. Anyway I enjoyed my time at the Bungalow I always do. It seems a very relaxing place.
I came home at about 3.30ish and sat down at my computer to check emails and at about 4pm I got a phone call from one of the people organizing the Art Show I entered some digital doodles in. She had some weird news for me, well it was weird to me. It turns out that someone liked the Blue Image that i had thrown together and they wanted to buy it… GET THAT… SOMEONE WANTED TO BUY IT..

If you don’t remember which one I am talking about you can take another squizz here.

I was asked what I would charge for it and I just started stammering and blurted out…

“Tell them to make me an offer”

That got a bit of a giggle. So I don’t know if my indecisiveness on Price will put them off but hey someone showed some interest. The Sour Puss piece is going to be shown at the local MHT building that has just been refurbed. So in theory my art is being shown and sold all over the shop. I have probably put a jinx on the whole thing by talking about it before it’s a done deal but I am kinda excited about it all. I’ll keep you informed.

I found a cool live rendition of Roger Waters Amused to Death. It’s just over 9 minutes long but worth it… and no quips about good ol Rog looking like Richard Gere.

Until Next Time…

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