Coming Down…Slowly

I finally got to bed at about 11am this morning. I slept for about three hours and then went back for three more. My head is still racing but It’s a little quieter in their at the moment. As I have mentioned before I hear voices. These get agitated when my head gets all messed up. I get ranting screaming torrents of abuse at times like this. At one point at about 6 am I came very close to talking back to the voices in a vain hope that they would just shut up if they knew I acknowledged them.

As you can probably imagine, if your told something often enough you start to believe it. It’s how the government work after all. When I went to bed it was mostly out of desperation at just wanting a little time where I didn’t hear the voices and they would quieten down to let me sleep. I was tired enough but it was a gamble, one that, luckily, paid off.

Now I am just kicking back and trying to let my head sort itself out. It’s goinig to take a couple of days to get back to “normal“. It’s going to be tough but I have been there before and I’ll no doubt be there again some time soon. If you hear me screaming at about 3am you know the voices are still playing up.

Until Next Time…

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