I am a moody buggar. There I said it. I don’t enjoy this fact of my life, it’s downright depressing in it’s own right Bipolar not withstanding. But this morning I woke up laughing. Who knows I could have spent the night chuckling to myself. I usually listen to the BBC World Service at night as the monotonous droning of business analysts and foreign correspondents lulls me off into a deep sleep. Last night I tried something different. I put a whole series of an old radio programme called The Navy Lark onto a memory card and whacked that into my bedside radio and laid back and drifted off… well I say drifted off I spent the first 40 minutes of being in bed laughing at the show. It’s probably not the best thing to do when your trying for good sleep hygiene but I needed something different last night.

I don’t exactly remember waking up this morning. The first thing i realised was that I was laughing out loud to the radio show that was on. I looked at the clock and realised I had only been asleep for a little over 4 hours and by all rights i should just turn over and go back to sleep. Instead I laid there for 20 minutes listening to the end of the show that was on at that time. It’s a great feeling to wake up with a smile on your face.

My mum said that she could hear me laughing through the wall last night and it made a nice change to hear as it doesn’t happen very often. Waking up in a good mood has led me to have a pretty upbeat day. I have kept up with my Twitter feed and have been listening to Planet Rock all day. I will probably cook dinner tonight and be back to keep up with the days events. It’s good to not be a moody buggar once in a while.

Until Next Time…