Happy Nude Rear

So Christmas and New Years have come and gone and I made it through it. I spent my time watching loads of TV and not eating a great deal. My appetite for food has gone out of the window. I find myself going the whole day without anything to eat and still not being hungry when it comes to dinner time so I only eat a small meal. It’s bizarre because I used to eat like a pig….not in a trough but I used to eat everything I could lay my hands on. I am hoping to get onto a new diabetes drug in the new year that REQUIRES me to eat twice a day, It can’t be healthy for me not to eat and take all this chemical crap I throw down my throat every day.

Over Christmas and New Years I have had a few drinks. Nothing to much, nothing to heavy just a bottle of red wine spread out over Christmas Day and New Years Day and a couple of glasses of cheap Bucks Fizz we bought last year and never got around to drinking (I think it fermented sat in our kitchen to be honest). I don’t feel any real side effects from drinking like I have done in the past. Maybe because in the past I have been drinking beer and the odd spirit and this time I avoided them and stuck with the fruity stuff. If I have no major mood swings in the next couple of days maybe my dry days are behind me and I can join the human race in enjoying the odd glass of something alcoholic in the future, just as long as I know my limits.

The Doctor looking a little battered

The highlight of the holidays for me was the Finale of David Tennants Doctor Who tenure. It was rounded off with two very epic specials. The first on Christmas day was roundly turned on by raving fanboys and girls for being to sporadic and not having much of a cohesive storyline. But if you sat back and saw it for what it was and took it as advertised Part 1 of a 2 part story then you would (in my mind) have gotten better mileage from the story. The second part that was aired on New Years Day (Last Night) was by far and away the most moving Doctor Who episode I have ever seen. I welled up with a lump in my throat a few times. I think I got away with it.. but knowing my luck Mum and Linda were looking just as that bloody great lump in my throat erupted and saw me swallowing it down.

All in all, I thought the story was very strong, yes there were little niggles in Part one where you were left wondering why this was happening and what possibly be the point in the two spiky headed aliens. They seemed to be thrown in there for comedic effect and in the grand scheme of Part One they were, but they were there for Part two. As I said it’s a story of two halves and should be looked at that way.

The Maniacal Master

It was great to see so much (and I mean MUCH) of John Simm as The Master. He was spellbinding as the maniacal raving cannibalistic TimeLord gone wrong. I think that it takes a writer with MASSIVE balls to pony up and write a fulfilling back story for a well established character like The Master. Russell T Davies did this and answered all the questions I ever had about The Master but never knew I wanted to know. I guess when Roger Delgardo was playing the master opposite Jon Pertwee back in the early 70’s it wasn’t even considered that the two of them were childhood friends that romped across the red paddocks of Gallifrey.

Another big Christmas present for me was the return of the TimeLords. If you only knew of the new Who and hadn’t ventured back into the classic mythology you needn’t have worried as it was all explained for the new Who time line. The only shout out to the old Who crowd was naming the Timothy Dalton character Rassilon (which is a name from the old show if you don’t know). I was a little sad that the TimeLords weren’t used as much as they could have been. Ideally that whole storyline could have taken up a special set of shows on there own. It added a fix to the Master Race storyline and that is all they seemed to do. I know that sounds like a put down and I guess if I am honest it is, but it was still good to see them back. I hope Steven Moffat sees the need to use them again in Matt Smiths era of Doctor Who. Talking of Matt Smith we got our very first look at the new and (not quite sure if he is) improved Doctor. Far to little seen of him to tell if he is going to be a good replacement. But he has the energy that seems to be lacking from the spoiler pictures that have leaked out over the past 6 or 7 months since they have been filming in Cardiff. But the lines about not being a girl and not being Ginger made me smile and I’ll be damned if that guy didn’t bring his whole scrawny knee right up to his lips and kiss his own leg.

Anyway that’s my review of the Christmas Specials. I hope you got to see them or are going to get to see them. It’s a great and fitting way to say goodbye to an Actor who has made the part his own and bought Doctor Who back to the kids again. Bless Ya David Tennant


  1. I’ve never liked RTD as a Who writer, as I feel he neglects the sci-fi angles in favour of relationships and drama. To that end I was thrilled when I heard Moffat was taking over, as he’s written some of the best episodes of thenew series.

    HOWEVER, I can’t disagree with you about last night’s episode. OK, so there were some dodgy plotholes, but (even though I’ve not always been DT’s biggest fan) the 10th Doctor’s exit was incredibly moving and beautifully crafted. And Simm finally came into his own as the Master.

    Both RTD and DT went out on a high. Of course it’s early days, but I feel quietly confident about Matt Smith too.

    All the best 🙂

    • I agree with you about RTD’s writing style. He did a great job in producing the comeback of the show but his scripts were always bordering on the soap opera side of things. I just hope that Moffat brings us at least 1 show half as good as his “Girl in the Fireplace” and I’ll be quite content. I wonder how long it will take for the kids to pick up on GERONIMO. I have it fiormly planted for suitable moments 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.