Quotes: Bill Hicks

When I first started thinking about writing a blog about my journey with Bipolar I wanted a catchy, snappy name. But I didn’t want it to just be a gimicky name I wanted something that meant something in the long term.

Taking a quick step back, I should say that this blog is the second version of It’s Just A Ride that there has been. The first was neon green and had about 6 posts in a year and a half. I took it down because I was having a hard time in putting down in words how it was having bipolar and dealing with the myriad of bull shit that goes with it. But at that time, when I first bought the domain I was heavily into Bill Hicks comedy and his philosophy on life was great… even after all these years his routines and speeches still stand true and I just wish he could have been alive and performed just once after Barrack Obama got into power.. he would have ripped it up big time, his philosophies were coming true, with Universal Healthcare and the other plans BO has for the world. Anyway I digress.

It’s Just A Ride comes from a section at the end of the Video release of Revelations (a channel four airing of his stand up routine at the Dominion Theatre in London). See the video for the full quote and the context of the meaning. It kind of sums up what I feel living with Bipolar is about.

So here you go a video quote of the day. Ladies and Gentlemen… Bill Hicks

Until Next Time…

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