The Election

Don’t panic folks I am not a raving politico but rather an interested party. In every Election since I was 18 I have always picked out an issue or two that means the most to me. When I was in education obviously it was what they were going to do for students. When I worked and was earning my own money I was interested in taxation. This time around it has to be about Mental Health provisions.

It seems that all three main parties are “planning” on increasing the provision of Talking Therapies. They are planning on doing this by creating 8,000-10,000 new Therapists to facilitate 900,000 new spaces for sufferers of depression and related illnesses. One question should be raised… Where are these 8-10,000 new therapists going to come from in the next year?

According to Rethink, 40 Health Foundations are being asked to cut more from their annual budgets, and one way they have suggested doing this is by cutting 4.5-5% from mental health budgets. They are using MH budgets as soft options as no one “really” dies from depression do they? Not “REALLY”. I can understand there needing to be cuts in the NHS but taking money from one area you have just committed to funding to god know how much training and supplying new Talking Therapies is just cutting of your nose to spite your face. It is said that the cuts would amount to a saving of £50million. Which to my mind would be a saving of about Zero lives when it comes down to the devastation caused by a wrecked life caused by depression and mania for a Bipolar sufferer. I don’t think these bureaucrats have any idea what it can be like in the midst of a mood swing, where you don’t know if your life is coming to an end or if your swinging on a star high with life talking to god.

When you see an opportunity to speak to someone who wants to become one of our elected officials be it parliament local council or whatever ask them what are you going to do for me and my mental health. You deserve the answer… and don’t let them bullshit ya with platitudes… threaten them that you haven’t taken your anti psychotic and you have the power to smell a lie. Freak the bastards out and see what they do.

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  1. I was looking for info on Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and your site popped up with that ultra fabulous CD cover. I don’t even really LIKE fleetwood mac (i found their songs annoying, dated, and forgettable) but thanks to my ex boyfriend, I am curious about their working and artistic relationship… These are the rambling thoughts of a fellow Bipolar-ite, who should be posting that on HER blog, not you comment page. But, props to you for inspiring me when I had no idea that if I googled Stevie and Lindsey, I’d find your page.
    I have to tell you that when I first tried to comment, IE stopped working so I lost everything I wrote. I hate IE and Windows solution center. Its absolutely no help for someone who can’t sleep unless she can purge the swirling thoughts, random ideas and passionate responses, from her addled and rattled brain. I’m afraid to type more, lest I lose it all again!…
    Just wanted to say, Nicks and Buckingham brought me here, but your struggle w/ bipolar, friendly and informative demeanor and your sense of humor are what made me stay. And you said (in a previous post) NO ONE reads your blog.. I’ve been reading it for almost an hour. More people should read it. More people need to know about how devestating, unpredictable, frustrating, confusing and exhausting it is to be Bipolar. If I don’t have the right meds, I am a ticking time bomb. I’m just not aware of it until I’m about to explode and blow everything up all around me. It has cost me relationships with people I really care about, jobs I may have had a future with (if i could just show up for work on time like everyone else- or everyday like everyone else), college courses, acting/modeling opportunities..etc. I’ve failed because of irratic moods, depression, overwhelming emotions, mood dictating behavior, impulsive and often STUPID decisions, unable to figure out priorities because EVERYTHING is a priority, so nothing gets done and I feel even worse. Guilty, exhausted, discouraged, out of control… without my meds, when I am in a depressive state, I reach a point where I just don’t want to BE… and I question why I AM. What’s the point?

    Yet, when I’m stabilized, when I feel clear headed, when I know what its like to be “normal”, life is beautiful and its crazy to question why you wouldn’t want to live in the presence of such wonder and beauty. Meds help me find a balance and without them, with my insurance company only covering GENERIC drugs(UM HELLO- different fillers can spell disaster for me! I’m talking to YOU generic adderall, you are the devil!), half of the cost of my therapy and psych appts and costing me WAY more than it should for one, single, undergraduate female. So, what happens to us when the world lacks empathy for the bipolar? We go undiagnosed,remain untreated, feel unhappy and act unruly. If other people, the big wigs, the moneybags, the monoploy guys, the frickin’ shareholders of the world,( I dunno, whoevers in charge- could be the damn CEO of Walmart by know, who the heck knows? , could walk around in our frantic shoes, listen to the overlapping voices in our heads, cry our tears (for no reason- of course), and wreck THEIR lives/relationships/family because of their inability to make sense of their emotions, actions and thoughts… I’m pretty sure all our meds would be covered, free of charge.
    Thanks for inspiring me. I’m lucky to live in Vermont where we have the state sponsered health care program VHAP. VHAP covers my meds, my therapy and doctor appts. I had to fight tooth and nail to get it or, you know, just spiral completely out of control TRYING to get help on an employer assisted CRAP health insurance plan that covers nothing. Basically, I couldn’t afford the help I needed and I didn’t qualify to get any extra help for diagnosis/treatments because I was working… I didn’t qualify until I finally did lose it and took off for canada with a big bottle of coconut rum and a full bottle of valluum. After a suicide attempt/cry for help, the state was finally helping you figure out what the hell was wrong with me and figure out my ongoing treatment plans.
    We need people to understand how important it is for Bipolar people to have the proper health care coverage. It takes time and perseverance to collect checks from Disability and Social Security. I don’t even WANT to. I bet most of us don’t. I want to go to work and earn my paycheck. I want to set financial goals for myself and not live off the tiny little allowance the government says is enough for me to survive on based on their skewed views of “universal” liveable income. It costs more for everyone when I can’t get that help because now, I’m collecting unemployment. If I wasn’t trying to go to school, I would qualify for food stamps. If the state finds out I’m going to school (even if its part time) AND i’m unemployed, they stop my health care coverage… Does this make sense to you? I can get alot of help from the government if I don’t work and don’t go to school. They will give me free health care AND food stamps. Apparently, all I have to do is do nothing and not try.
    I realize in other states, people aren’t so lucky. They can’t get the help they need whether they’re employed or jobless and living on a park bench. If I had my breakdown, night of hypo-manic, accidental suicidal maddness in a different state, I might have ended up dead on the canadian border. Just another victim of the system. Jane Doe from Vermont. So senseless… why did she do it? Thats the thing.. I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t thinking anything that made sense. Call it crazy autopilot. I hope.. maybe things will change, awareness will be raised, and health care will improve for everyone. Everyone should have a right to live their life! Bipolar takes control of you and you are your irratic mood’s slave. I’m lucky (for now) that I can get that help. Is it up to us, the ones affected with mental, mood and personality disorders, to demand that change? It sure would be nice to have more people in our corner… Well.. there’s always the NAMI walk:)

    • Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me when someone reads my blog and takes the time to comment. That Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham picture has been the most requested file on this blog for about the past 4 months running. It has had the most bandwidth stolen so much so I had to put anti leech software to stop the images being hot linked on from the blog.

      It sounds to me like you are having a rough ride through BP land at the moment. The only advice and comfort I can give is hang in there it will get better eventually. It’s no consolation now I know but once the sun starts to shine through the trees again you’ll be glad that you hung it out.

      I lived in the states for 2 years before my diagnosis and whilst I was, in hindsight, going through Major depressive states while I was there, I wasn’t in a position to get any medical help…damn expired visas..well how did they imagine I could possibly stick to only being there for 1 month I ask you it’s just not on. Once I got back to the UK I started looking into what was going on with my health and it didn’t take long for me to connect with a GP who saw the signs that I was having troubles and referred me to the local Community Mental Health Team.. and from there it took about 6 weeks to get a firm BP diagnosis, which is crazy considering many people wait years if not lifetimes to get a successful diagnosis. But I am probably going over stuff I have put on the blog before.

      One thing that I hope for my American readers is that the new Healthcare reforms in the USA do something for the population and not make it even harder to get the help you need. From what I have read this should be the case. It only took 60 years to catch up but I am sure in no time all the refusniks will see that the changes are for the better,and who knows those who say no now may need to say yes in the years to come and then who’ll have egg on their faces.

      I hope you keep reading and I will surely check out your blog this afternoon.

      Thanks again for taking time out to write to me. It’s been a pleasure hearing someone else’s point of view.