The Hangover

(As a disclaimer… I saw the phrase Zopiclone Hangover either on Twitter or a Blog this morning whilst being in the middle of a Zopiclone Hangover. I can’t attribute exactly the person who said it but if you read this and recognise your words… thanks for the inspiration.)

I go in spurts of needing to take Zopiclone. I take it for about a week and then I try and sleep without it. I think I have reached the point where I need to take a break from the drug. Personally for me I think it builds up in my system and leads to a point where I can spend a whole day in bed in actual deep sleep. It’s one of these trigger things I have noticed.

Zopiclone was prescribed for me on an as needed basis. I have serious bouts of insomnia where I can go days on VERY little sleep and in the end I end up depressed and so miserable and the hallucinations get to a point where I would do anything to shut them up and just die. That’s the point I know I should have been taking the big Z for a few days already. I usually manage to take it for about a week to 10 days a month and I get evened out and am sorted for the same type of period.

When I get to the breaking point after taking it I get the worst drug induced hangovers. I am not a drinker any more but I used to be and I never suffered that much with Alcoholic Hangovers. I felt a bit rough if I had really tied one one but I was generally pretty lucky not to suffer to much. I think it helped that I was a big fella and I had a lot of system to mess up and when I was drinking I was usually working in the theatre at the same time so I had the incentive to be on the top of my game. I was also gifted with a sense of knowing when to give up. I had my little tell of when enough Alcohol had been drunk… My Nose Went NUMB. I knew it was time to stop when the old schnozz went fuzzy wuzzy.

The Zopiclone Hangovers are much worse. They don’t let me get out of bed to get a drink of water, they tie me to the bed until I hurt. Maybe it’s because my bed is old and maybe the mattress needs turning but I ache in my back and stomach muscles most hangover mornings. I think the drug knocks me out so far that I find the worlds most uncomfortable sleeping position and stay there until my body decides it’s time to move. I am not even sure a Tempura Memory foam mattress would help at this point. Well anyway I have reached my limit for taking the drug at the moment. I need a break and some natural sleep. I’ll handle the headaches for the next couple of days while it gets out of my system totally, I’ll take the slightly broken sleep while my body realises that it doesn’t need the drug any more for now.

It’ll take about three days to get fully back to normal. I’ll get the sleep I need and hopefully it will stop the over excessive sleeping during the day. I know the pattern now and can gauge myself accordingly. I may have some pretty late nights because of it but I have a whole bunch of TV Sky+’ed waiting to be watched not to mention all the stuff I have downloaded.

That’s it for now… I am off for my 5th cup of coffee of the day. Keep yourselves safe

Until Next Time…


  1. *holds hand up* “Zopiclone hangover” is my phrase, though I’m probably not the first one to have used it 🙂

    When I took Zopiclone alone, without other sedative medication (ie. anti-psychotics), I rarely had amy trouble with it. I slept for about 16 hours once after not having had it for years, but that seemed to be an anomaly.

    But Zopiclone + Quetiapine (+ all the other crap) = dodgy. I can absolutely relate to what you say about not even being able to get up for water, and I also think that the longer you take the sleeper for, the stronger its effects become (rather unlike Quetiapine).

    It’s a balancing act I guess. It’s a necessary evil, but has to be treated with respect or it screws you over. But it seems like you’ve found the balance 🙂 Hope you’re feeling much better and completely rid of it soon.

  2. I thought it was probably from your site that I got the saying from. I find myself on the first night of not taking it being very alert and wide awake. if this goes on much longer I may have to take a half dose to help me off. I’ll just keep plugging away at messing with the blog for a little while longer until the iTunes shuffle feature bugs me to much by playing Duran Duran over and over without a break 🙂

    Thanks for the comment.