Round Are Way

Ever since I got my iPhone I have been obsessed with using the camera on it… which is quite annoying seeing as i just bought a brand new point and shoot for carrying around with me. I guess the new point and shoot will have to do for night shooting because the iPhone doesn’t have a flash and is pretty pants under anything but bright house light or outside daylight… will have to play around with the apps i have and see what I can achieve with them in lower light levels.

These three images were all taken about a week or so ago whilst I was waiting for a taxi to take to to a group therapy session. They are taken using the Hipstomatic app which grunges up your photos and gives them a Grindhouse/Horror show look… I like the basic app so much I am thinking about paying out for some of the extras that go with it. We’ll see.

Atmospheric Tree

Another Atmospheric Tree

My Street - Round Are Way

Until Next Time…

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