It’s almost 3.30 in the morning. It’s now Friday. I haven’t slept since 1pm Thursday. Not a big deal you’d think but I have been off the Zopiclone since Monday night and I miss my little Orange friends. As you may recall this is a conscious decision to stop taking them for a while to let my body readjust to normality. I wish I had never fucking bothered. I have had nothing but problems since Monday with racing thoughts sleepless nights and I may add an irritable urge to mow the grass in my garden.

I took Zopiclone on Monday night and slept fairly well (I think… it’s hard for me to keep track at the moment). As I blogged I woke up with a Zopiclone hangover (Thanks Pandora) and I decided then that I needed a break from them, I do like to stick by my ill informed choices. Tuesday night I was awake all night Wednesday I slept for 4 hours By the time it had gotten to Midnight Wednesday into Thursday I had had 6 hours sleep in about 56 hours or something like that. I hadn’t had this reaction to stopping Zopiclone before and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to be up and alert this morning I would have taken then just to get back into some kind of normal rhythm. Thursday night I went to bed a little before midnight and was up at 3 am and again at 7 am I was up for a couple of hours to take meds and such and went back to bed and died until around 1pm I think my body just gave up and had to shut down. I couldn’t have done anything about it if I tried.

But as I said I have been up all day and I am back to where I was Tuesday night. Wide awake and alert as a Meerkat on acid. I have a pretty full morning taking Mum to Doctors appointments but I hope that by the time We have done the circuit of Doctors and town I’ll be able to come back and sleep for at least a little while. I do know one thing Tomorrow night I am taking Zopiclone and fuck the hangover I’ll sleep my ass through it.

Until Next Time…

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