St**ie N**ks is driving me nuts

I tell ya every day I look at my daily stats and it’s the same fucking thing bring people to this blog… a picture of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Month after month it’s the same thing. I’d take it down but then the post would look odd. I have had one comment from someone who went looking for SN and found this website and they left a wicked comment and it was really encouraging to read that some one had gotten something from the website apart from seeing a semi naked Stevie Nicks picture. Here is the post that has the picture.

I have been through all the codex trying to work out how to exclude that one image from search results, but nothing is coming back to help me. I shall ask my brother to see what he thinks.

That is all… just wanted a rant.

I’ll post again tomorrow about last weeks Pdoc appointment

Until Next Time…


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I thought that was the case before when it all started so I gave it a really obscure random set of digits for a name and it’s just made it worse. I’m sure writing this article won’t have help either…lol. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I think even when you change the name, it takes a while to drop out of google. good luck!

  3. Thanks, I went back into the post and stripped it of all formatting… I think the alt tag was bringing most of the traffic. we shall see if the hits drop off that one post over the next few days… or whenever google decide to resweep the site.