So this is my big 100th post. It’s been put off for so long just in case something happened to warrant something big to announce but bugger all has happened. I am still entrenched in my house to afraid to go out. I am forcing myself out tomorrow to go to the post office but it’s straight there a quick whiz around the Co-Op to get something for dinner and then it’s straight back home. Taxi door to door stuff.

The only big news that I have to impart is that I have finally launched my review site. Stumpfinger (link in the side bar). It’s been open a week or so and has 7 or 8 reviews up already and has an excellent piece about the Saw franchise that my brother and I collaborated on. I have my own Facebook fan page for the site and it’s linked into network blogs. It has it’s own twitter feed. I am hoping to email a few other UK horror website owners to see about getting some tips on who to speak to about getting press releases about new stuff coming out in the UK, just so I can make it a bit more interesting that reading endless 500 word reviews of films people have already seen and have little interest in finding out my take on it.

I found a new musical soundtrack this week. Evil Dead – The Musical. Here is the big Dance number (Think The Time warp but with Zombies) It’s called Do The Necronomicon.


Until Next Time…

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