Doctor Who and an 8 year old Newbie.

Today was a landmark day in my nephews upbringing. Today I introduced him to Tom Bakers Doctor Who. I think he was suitably impressed by what he saw.

When I decided to bring down a couple of the classic series to show him I thought I would start him off with something that he would recognise from the Nu Who that his Dad and he have been watching. So I chose Bakers 1979 Destiny Of The Daleks and Colin Bakers Attack Of The Cybermen. He chose which we watched first and so we kicked back and started the dvd up. It was fun for me watching him watch the episodic version of Doctor Who. He has only ever been used to the short sharp shock of 42 minute Who episodes so I was a little nervous at how he would stand up to watching for close to 2 hours worth of episodes.

To my suprise he handled it quite well… soon getting engrosed in the action and not too talkative after the first twenty minutes or so. Attack of the Cybermen should be fun as they haven’t appeared half as much in Nu Who but he still recognised them ( I have just been reliably informed that he knows this because his comic – Doctor Who Adventures – Tells him which Cyberman goes with which Doctor.)

It’s all in my evil plan to have the boy pestering his father for Doctor Who DVD’s for Christmas and Birthdays and Just because there is a Y in the day of the week. Oh yes my pretties it shall happen MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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I must remember that when I travel on a train that we should bring about half the amount of luggage that we have this time.

It’s been an OK journey so far. It will be a whole different story at our destination as there is no lift to get over the walk way. This ultimately means I have to physically hand ball a heavy ass suitcase and a hold all. This normally wouldn’t worry me but I have to do it at half speed as mum hasn’t had any O2 today and it’s starting to take it’s toll.

It’s all good fun until someone gets a lung coughed up. Then it’s Everyman for themselves.

I tell you what has pissed me off this trip is that I have had very little cellular signal all the way down. Including insurance I pay close to £50 a month on my package. I damn well expect more for my moolah. Having just said that I have bad an bloody good signal coming through my old stomping grounds and if I could be arsed to turn my 3G back on I would probably be able to post this from the train. You watch as soon as I do it will all fucking die again. Oh the joys o a tech head.

It is probably going to do me some good to be away from a PC for a couple of weeks. I have been most unproductive over the past month. Stumpfinger went two weeks without a post and then it only got one because I was up at 3am and was in the mood for boobs and blood (I watched Piranha 3D… And bloody booby good it was too.)

So that’s about it for now I am going to try and post this from the iPhone, on a train, just outside Strood in Kent.

Until next time…

Edit: Stupid iPhone wouldn’t add this blog to the WordPress App so I had to wait till now (after 10pm) to post this from my brothers desktop… will play with the App again tomorrow as I feel there is going to be much traveling over the next couple of weeks.

(really this time) Until Next Time…

Keeping Busy

Things are kind of quiet around these parts. The new website ( up and running and getting a few stumbles and the odd fan on Facebook. It’s nothing like I had originally planned on it being. I am having real problems getting my ass into offering UK based news. I just don’t I know where to look and who to get in touch with to get press releases and the like. I am obviously missing just that one little link in the chain that will make it all fit into place and until I get that link in place it’s just going to be me and my Brother writing reviews of the latest horror movies we have seen.

I am going on holiday at the end of the month. Mum and I are heading down to Niks for a couple of weeks. So I have to start psyching myself up now for the train journey. I hate travelling on trains more than I hate travelling on planes. There just never seems to be enough room to walk down the centre isle on a train. I always end up walking like a crab (sideways), inching my way half steps at a time towards the buffet car to get a coffee. But hey it’s only two trains for a maximum of three hours.. the rest of the time I get to hang about in train stations being stared at… oh joy to the world… god bless Mr iPhone and it’s iPod app.

Going on holiday serves a multitude of purposes. Mainly it’s to see the kids. Mum hasn’t seen the kids in almost 18 months and that’s just too long to go without seeing her babies. But another major reason of going down to Kent is to scope out the situation of finding a new place to live. Mum was medically retired last month and that has left us the opportunity to move closer to the rest of the family. From our initial looks at on-line property websites it looks as though Margate is going to be the area we move too. It seems to be a bit like the area we are living in at the moment. It is being redeveloped and rental prices are low at the moment so we get to live by the sea and have money to eat.. a win win all round I think.

My sleep is being an arse again. I am having problems staying asleep again. One night I can stay asleep from midnight to 7am the next night I can go to bed at 2am and be awake again a4am and be awake for the rest of the day. I have all but given up on the Zopiclone for the time being as it wasn’t really helping past the first night of taking it. So if it gets to bad and I need one good nights sleep I have that in my arsenal but having very little faith in taking it on a more permanent basis is pretty much out of the window. My moods are on a pretty much even keel… mind you I put that down to not leaving the house. I think the family have gotten the jist of my situation and are not pressuring me on going out too much. They just leave me to my own devices and I plod along happily denying that there is an outside world.

Well that’s about it from me for now. Hope everyone is doing well.

Until Next Time…