I must remember that when I travel on a train that we should bring about half the amount of luggage that we have this time.

It’s been an OK journey so far. It will be a whole different story at our destination as there is no lift to get over the walk way. This ultimately means I have to physically hand ball a heavy ass suitcase and a hold all. This normally wouldn’t worry me but I have to do it at half speed as mum hasn’t had any O2 today and it’s starting to take it’s toll.

It’s all good fun until someone gets a lung coughed up. Then it’s Everyman for themselves.

I tell you what has pissed me off this trip is that I have had very little cellular signal all the way down. Including insurance I pay close to £50 a month on my package. I damn well expect more for my moolah. Having just said that I have bad an bloody good signal coming through my old stomping grounds and if I could be arsed to turn my 3G back on I would probably be able to post this from the train. You watch as soon as I do it will all fucking die again. Oh the joys o a tech head.

It is probably going to do me some good to be away from a PC for a couple of weeks. I have been most unproductive over the past month. Stumpfinger went two weeks without a post and then it only got one because I was up at 3am and was in the mood for boobs and blood (I watched Piranha 3D… And bloody booby good it was too.)

So that’s about it for now I am going to try and post this from the iPhone, on a train, just outside Strood in Kent.

Until next time…

Edit: Stupid iPhone wouldn’t add this blog to the WordPress App so I had to wait till now (after 10pm) to post this from my brothers desktop… will play with the App again tomorrow as I feel there is going to be much traveling over the next couple of weeks.

(really this time) Until Next Time…

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