Doctor Who and an 8 year old Newbie.

Today was a landmark day in my nephews upbringing. Today I introduced him to Tom Bakers Doctor Who. I think he was suitably impressed by what he saw.

When I decided to bring down a couple of the classic series to show him I thought I would start him off with something that he would recognise from the Nu Who that his Dad and he have been watching. So I chose Bakers 1979 Destiny Of The Daleks and Colin Bakers Attack Of The Cybermen. He chose which we watched first and so we kicked back and started the dvd up. It was fun for me watching him watch the episodic version of Doctor Who. He has only ever been used to the short sharp shock of 42 minute Who episodes so I was a little nervous at how he would stand up to watching for close to 2 hours worth of episodes.

To my suprise he handled it quite well… soon getting engrosed in the action and not too talkative after the first twenty minutes or so. Attack of the Cybermen should be fun as they haven’t appeared half as much in Nu Who but he still recognised them ( I have just been reliably informed that he knows this because his comic – Doctor Who Adventures – Tells him which Cyberman goes with which Doctor.)

It’s all in my evil plan to have the boy pestering his father for Doctor Who DVD’s for Christmas and Birthdays and Just because there is a Y in the day of the week. Oh yes my pretties it shall happen MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Until Next Time…

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