Castle In A Cloud

Well I said I had some big news. If you follow me on Facebook you may already know the news but for those with the taste not to follow me anywhere, the news is… That I am moving to Kent in the next month. While we were on holiday we went house hunting just to find the lay of the land so to speak and we kind of got carried away and ended up signing the papers to tale on the house from the first of December. Obviously we won’t move in on the 1st but we are aiming for sometime between the 11th and the 16th. Things are moving pretty fast and to be honest it’s getting a bit to much.

Last Thursday I went to see my Psychiatrist for the last time before the move and he did what I hoped he would do. He increased my Quietapine to 200mgs at night. He also reduced my Depakote down to 1000mg a day. It’s just a shame that we won’t be able to complete my drug reductions together. I am going to have to get used to a new doctor and a new way of looking at my drugs. My psychiatrist knew that changing a med causes me problems he took that into account whenever he changed anything. I guess he saw my sensitive side :o)

So dealing with a medication change and all this last minute changes in home status is causing some rather weird side effects. The increase in Quietapine is making me sleep more than I have in ages. I am writing this now and I feel like I could just go to bed and sleep till lunchtime tomorrow. I swear the only two things that are keeping me awake is listening to Les Miserable and the coffee I am about to make myself.

<twenty minutes later>

God that coffee tastes good. Anyway where was I, side effects. Sleep way to much, general lethargy. Basically every side effect that precludes me from packing the house up is hitting me all at once. It’s not making me popular I know that much. People are tolerating me now but I can’t keep letting it get on top of me.

<Fast Forward 76 Hours>

Please don’t ask where the last 3 and a bit days went… needless to say I was awake at 4am this morning wide awake and fully rested. I think I may have slept to much. The only downside of being awake this early is that it is way to early to put the heating on. If we put th heating on this early everyone wakes up like they have been sleeping in the Congo. So we wait till everyone is up to kick the heat on.. I am only typing this to keep my pinkies warm ya know.

Looking over my Twitter feed I see a lot of people talking about Black Friday in the States. Bloody stupid idea if you ask me. Get up at silly o clock in the middle of November and go stand outside an electrics store for the slimmest hope that there will actually be a sale item left after the shop assistants have rummaged their way through all the good stuff. I am glad that we on the civilised side of the world don’t partake in that kind of silliness. We’d never do something that insane would we…. Oh be quiet not everyone chases a cheese down a hill for fun.

As I said I have been up since 4am and I have been listening to Ministry of Sounds Anthems Electronic 80’s Compilation. It’s quite good some stuff I know I have heard before.. I had to have.. we listened to Radio 1 before school in the 80’s and this is pretty much all well known stuff from back then(I think) but there are some great tunes that aren’t dropping the penny when they start. I have added this one and the second in the set to my iPhone so when I am out you may see a Short Fat Hairy legged bloke body popping to himself. If you do don’t call the crisis team or an ambulance, it’ll just be me listening to my youth passing me by for the second time.

Oh yeah seeing as it’s been three day since I started this post I have to mention that we are up to our arses in packing boxes and bubble wrap. The weird thing is though, it doesn’t seem to me as though we have made any headway into the packing. I am hoping that it will all come together all at once like all hard things. We’ll see. But one thing I do see in my future is a hell of a lot of Late Nights coming up to get all this done in time.

Right time to quit procrastinating and get something constructive done….. MORE COFFEE!!!

Until Next Time…

Oh Yeah Have some West End goodness…

I Have Returned

Well, I am back from my holiday and things are getting back to their normal screwed up sameness. After two weeks of really good sleep (going to bed early and getting up at a reasonable time) I am back to waking up before 5 am and not being able to go back to sleep. This morning I just sat in bed and read some more of my book until about 5.45 and then said “fuck it” and came down stairs to start on the days coffee intake.

There really is some big news I am dying to tell you but can’t for fear of jinxing it. But when the time comes and it should be more than a few days now I’ll let the world know.

The weather is shit.. I mean really shitty. I wouldn’t normally complain but this shit is bad. As I said I have been up since 5 and it’s been raining heavily since at least then…and the wind. Bloody hell if it’s this bad in November what’s it going to be like in January.. I dread to think. I know I was the one all Summer long wishing for the winter to hurry up and arrive but I don’t think anyone would wish this kind of weather on anyone. To make matters worse I HAVE to go into town to the Post Office. Oh well just another ordinary in a less than average life.

I have been on Seroquel for about two months now and I think it’s working well for me. My intense paranoia has subsided. It hasn’t gone away but it’s not as bad as it was around September time. I still think that people are watching me and the visual hallucinations are still there. I keep seeing crawling things out the corner of my left eye. It’s always on my left hand side. Maybe there is something neurologically wrong with the left hand side of my brain. Maybe it’s a physical thing rather than a mental thing. Who knows… anyone have any guesses? Answers on a postcard please.

I would like to say it’s funny how my mind is telling me that I am being followed is but now it’s just getting plain annoying. I thought my trip away and the opportunity to get out and about without any of the added pressure of being seen by the natives of this area of the country and the government keeping tabs on me, but it just wasn’t like that. When ever I went out I had to resort to taking extra Lorazapam. I haven’t had to use extra Lorazapam for ages. I guess it was dealing with the unknown and the busy half term streets of a strange town was too much for me. I reverted back to my old type of not wanting to go out. Even in the deepest depths of boredom I resisted going out. I don’t think I felt totally at ease any time I was out of the house the whole two weeks I was away.

Just as an aside I would like to thank Midland Mainline Train staff at London St Pancras for their HILARIOUS joke on Monday night. I thought your jape of sending two hundred people running for the wrong train just the most funny thing I have ever experienced. One thing I can tell you for sure is that my Mother, who suffers from a COPD related illness thought it was a barrel of laughs having to try and get from one side of the platform to the other side of the set of 4 platforms in under three minutes. The only thing I can say is that you shower of pathetic twats were truly shown up by your on train staff who were most gracious to my mother and I when it was obvious that Mum couldn’t make it down to the assigned seats we had they let her stay in first class and use her oxygen and try and recover a little. It’s just a shame that the stress put on her lungs in that 10 minute time span has induced some kid of reaction that has left her with Flu like symptoms and needing virtually 24 hours a day oxygen at the moment. Bunch of fuckers (almost) the lot of you, I hope Santa fucks off with all your presents and gives them to the people you thought it would be fun to fuck around with.

That is all.

Until Next Time…

Goonish Behaviour

Last night I did something I don’t normally do and connected with people on FaceBook. It was mostly with an old friend from my theatre days. He is the type of friend that transcends any given situation. He was there for me when my Dad died and when I broke up with my first real girlfriend he was there. Always with a beer in hand or a word of encouragement. I had one other friend that came somewhere close to that state of being but it was a totally different kind of relationship with a similar end.

Last nights conversation went from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of a couple of messages. or those of you under the age of 30 then you may not have heard of The Goon Show. To put it succinctly the Goon Show was the brainchild of Spike Milligan. He co-opted Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe into the gang and BAM a radio institution was born and a lifelong affection with radio for me was born. I had heard excerpts of The Goon Show during Adrian Juste Saturday lunch time radio show back when I was a kid. He would take little vignettes of the show and use them as fillers between songs and guests on the radio show. He had all sorts of radio bits from back in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. Subliminally that is where I think my love of radio came from.

Anyway back to the facebook conversation. It started about Bugs Bunny and went on too the goon show. We were quoting back and forth for about an hour. It was quite possibly the longest facebook conversation I have ever had ( at least, that I can remember.) It was good to let rip like the old times with Nigel. We really do need a reallife meet up soon. Maybe when everything has settled down around here (BIG news coming soon folks.)

Well that’s about it from me. I am still on holiday until Monday so if you’re looking for me on twitter I am not there, I just can’t get to grips with the tweetdeck app for the iPhone. I’ll be back to normal on Tuesday of next week.

Until Next Time…