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As I have said before, my skills at discussing politics and coming out of said discussion not looking like a complete idiot are slim to none. But this weekend there is something happening that should be widespread and should be taken notice of.

The whole One Month Before Heartbreak is a chance for the blogging community to make a statement about DLA (Disability Living Allowance) and the proposed governmental cut that are being discussed in the consultation that is due to end on February 14th (A joke surely on the part of some Government planner… why should disabled people have a good day when they know that the rug could be pulled out from under their feet at any time.. but hey…)

The OMBH weekend has been originated and is being organised by The Broken Of Britain website, You can find the post that explains what is happening by clicking this >>>LINK<<<. A master list of stories and blog posts contributed to the Blog-Swarm can be found >>>HERE<<<.

I have told my story of my dealings with benefits before you can read that post here.

Nothing much has changed since I posted that, with the exception of being 6 months closer to and ESA application. Something I dread with every passing day. I am still in receipt of DLA only the lower rate mobility component. I get under £100 a month but without that £100 I would be more housebound than I am now. If you don’t have the time to go over the second largest post on this blog the cheat sheet goes like this…

  • I have Bipolar Affective Disorder Type 2
  • I suffer from Anxiety when outside of the  house
  • I can be pretty dangerous (To myself) if I try and negotiate major roads by myself. I have very little regard for my own safety.
  • I need medication to leave the house. I usually take two extra Lorazapam before I leave the house, this is just to make encountering crowds mildly bearable

It’s much more complicated than I have abridged it too but for brevity I have just narrowed it down to those 4 points. When I filled out the DLA forms it was a nightmare and seriously depressed me at just how much detail they wanted from me. It shouldn’t have surprised me as I had filled out the forms before but they seemed to get more difficult with every reapplication.

If you have a disability and read this then I hope you are in a good place and have the support you need to help you get what you deserve.

If you are fully able bodied (Mentally and Physically) then I prey that you never have to go through the degradation of having your life scrutinised just to get a little help making your life easier. I say this because When I came back from America in 2000 I never imagined that I would be put in the position of having to claim Incapacity Benefit and DLA just to pay my bills. It came from No where and if it wasn’t for some great people along the way I would probably be on the streets now or quite possibly dead.

These Benefits that the current Government are proposing to cut are a life line to many. In these times of job cuts and bad economy now is not the time to be cutting people incomes just because it seems to be a quick fix to save a little money.

As I have said before I don’t do politics normally and normal service will be resumed shortly, but I hope you take a moment to read just one other story bought about by the One Month To Heartbreak campaign this weekend, just maybe it could change your mind on a few things.

Until Next Time…

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