Hi there, it’s me again. Yep just me, hanging around doing very little.

My life at the moment is just plodding along. nothing really seems to be happening. I guess I am just searching for a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Normally I can usually find something to get excited about but for some reason the past couple of weeks have just been…..meh!!!

My moods have not varied much. Family say I am looking like I am doing well, yet I just feel empty inside. Not sad empty just a big space waiting to be filled by something a little more exciting than listening to a radio station playing endless loops of Just A Minute. Not that there is anything wrong with listening to endless loops of J.A.M it’s just I am starting to buzz in to inform Nicholas Parsons that Clement Freud hesitated and can I have a bonus point for the perfectly executed interruption to the flow of Paul Merton’s witty  repartee. Not good when you accidentally blurt out your objection out loud  when there are other people in earshot. It gets you funny looks… you know.

The highlight (or lowlight depending on your view point) today was the fact that I got my Credit Card statement and it appears that I have maxed out the credit card AGAIN. This went down well with Linda who just looked at me and walked out of the room. It’s going to take years to pay it off and who knows how long till we can start to pay off a little extra each month to help bring the balance down a little quicker. I seem to be heading back to shitsville population… Me. Again.

That was just a mindless piece of rock n roll to take your mind of the boredom this post has provoked.

I think I am going to sign off as I know I am getting no where with this and rather than blather on for another 300 words about the amazing amount of fluff that came out of my belly button in the shower yesterday I am just going to leave you with some shred of sanity.

Until Next Time…


  1. {{{yawns}}} Glad you are blogging. Good to hear from you on twitter and thanks for comment on my blog post. Cheers mate. CU around.. Clive

    • Thanks for dropping by Clive, It’s a semi NY Resolution to make a more concerted effort on my blogs.