Slow Release

It’s been a week now that I have been on the Modified release dosage of Seroquel and I have to say… it’s royally kicking my arse. I started of taking it at 10pm with the rest of my pills only to have me wake up at anywhere between 2.30am and 4am and not being able to get back to sleep. I changed the time I took it Thursday and tried taking it a couple of hours before the rest of my pills at between 8 & 9pm. IT made no difference to waking up during the night… but it has helped a little with the having to take 3 or 4 naps during the day. I am now down to one nap around 10am.

It’s a pain as I wanted to try and get my sleep organised so that I could start getting my sleep patterns in some kind of healthy regime and then this tomfuckery happens. I give it another two weeks to settle down and then I go back to the Doc and get him to change it back, I can’t be doing with all this lethargy. It’s bad enough that the rest of the drugs make me creatively barren I don’t need to look like a fuckin zombie as well.

This morning I started the rebuild on Stumpfinger. I kind of lost motivation on the whole Horror specific website. I was getting burnt out on watching horror after horror and not having the time to watch the other stuff I enjoy. So I have decided to make the website a Cult, Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror based review place. Just broadening the scope a little to give me a little more room to wiggle. Having said that you wait the next three reviews will all be horror. Would be just my style to spend hours rebuilding the site and then just revert back to what I wanted to leave behind.

That’s it, my tired mind doesn’t want to to concentrate anymore.

Until Next Time…

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