It’s About To Begin

This past Thursday I got the letter I had been waiting for from the local CMHT. Or at least I thought I had. On first glance it was all well and good they wanted me to phone up and make an appointment. Good  thought, then I went back over the letter and read it properly (damn my scan reading abilities.)

They wanted me to make an appointment to see “what they could do for me.” The penny then dropped for me that they know nothing about me and have obviously NOT sent for my notes from up north. So my initial fears of not getting seen by anyone properly till Easter is actually coming to fruition.

So I phoned them, they seemed very nice on the phone. I think all CMHT’s train their receptionists to be uber nice and to instil a sense of calm in patients. When i finally got put through to someone to make the appointment, I was put through to the access team. Now I don’t remember what it was really like when I first got referred to the Corby CMHT. Maybe I went through their Access team and didn’t quite realise it, but having to explain myself again after all these years is a daunting prospect. My illness has changed so much of the past 7 years that it is hard to know where to start.

I have my Care Plan from the last psych I saw but it’s a two page brief that doesn’t really say a lot about me and my Bipolar, just how I was on that particular day in that given three month period between appointments. I never think that the care plan that was sent out after each appointment was much use… now they are all I have to support my illness. Scary Eh? I guess I need to sit down and actually think of all the components of my illness and write them down so as I am not sat there umming and arring over each question. I hate making lists though… it makes it all seem so forced and premeditated. But if it helps then that’s what I need to do.

I am still waking up with the really bad lower back ache and am having to pop pain pills the first thing I do before I even have a cigarette or make a coffee. I hate pain and all that comes with it. I don’t have a real clue what’s causing it. I know I alluded to it being linked to my smoking and I will quit and then see if that helps. I know it can’t be my weight as I am still losing with the Byetta (diabetes drug.) I am going to flip the mattress on the bed today to see if that helps any.

*Jump forward a few days, It’s now Wednesday*

I never did get around to flipping the mattress and my sleep has been shot to shit ever since. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I only managed to get three hours this afternoon. I am wiped out, I just feel like sleeping for a week. I know I couldn’t do that but if just for once I could go to bed and not worry about waking up in pain it would be nice.

My mood has been all over the place. Monday I couldn’t do anything for the voices in my head screaming. One part of me felt like going out with Mum and Linda but the head said NO!. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the paranoia that would have gone with it. I haven’t had that much paranoia since I moved down here, so it was a little disconcerting.

This post is so bitty and bobby I should probably scratch it, but I have done that with about ten posts over the past couple of weeks so I am just going to post this sight unseen and pray that it makes sense to some one.

Until Next Time…

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