Invisible Illness and Getting Caught

I was trawling through the disability blogs this morning. I usually have about 9 or 10 new posts from various sources to read. This morning was about normal except I found a blog I read a blog I didn’t have book marked or in my Google Reader. It was Benefit Scrounging Scum. This lady is bendy in all the wrong ways. She has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I must admit I have heard of the illness through Twitter but haven’t really read up on what it does to some one. From what I gather it causes severe Joint pain and causes limbs and joints to pop out of their sockets at any given moment whether it’s convenient or not.

BSC, in this article ruminates on getting shopped to the DWP for benefit fraud. She is worried that because she doesn’t look ill for the entire month and can for all intents and purposes feel and look good for a few days that someone could misconstrue that she is faking it and being exactly what her nom de plume suggests. For anyone with a genuine illness that doesn’t confine you to a wheel chair 24/7, I imagine that this is something that crosses all our minds, especially when rabid dogs like the Daily Mail set about the “Work Shy” on benefits. It all stokes the fires.

For me, as I have posted a few times on this blog, I get very paranoid about being followed by the Government or by some strange organisation who are trying to catch me out for claiming benefits when I am seemingly perfectly well enough to work. I don’t want this to sound like a pity me post, that’s not what I set out to write. I just thought I’d reiterate what I had said before. With all the furore surrounding ESA and it’s introduction over the next few months and how apparently hard it is to get through the Medical, this has amplified my paranoia to such an extent that I hate going out on my own any more. Walking to the local corner shop is a gut twisting always looking behind me exercise. I am only out of the house no more that ten minutes, less if there is no one ahead of me in the shop. Being a biog fella I always end up out of breath and needing an inhaler or two once I get back. It’s not that I am that unfit it’s just that I find it hard to breath when power walking at 30 mph.

There is nothing more that I would like than to go back to work. To make more money than I get on Benefits. I have stuff I want to buy that is just out of my range being on benefits. It’s been that way for nearly three years now and to be quite frank I am seriously pissed off with my body that I don’t think I can actually take much more of it’s pissy moods and general inability to function as a regular human being. It’s maddening to to know that I have all this untapped potential that is screaming to get out but my body and more so my brain letting me down constantly.

Fuck it I have done exactly what I said I* didn’t want to do and made this all about me.

If you are one of the one who suffer with an invisible illness, (and I know this is easier said than done) but don’t let the fuckers get you down. The plain facts of the matter are that if you are claiming benefits and have been granted them on a “permanent” basis then you should have nothing to fear as you have made your case and had your medicals. The only thing you should be worrying about is how to make it through the next few minutes, hours, days. We all know that they aren’t going to make it easy on us in any way shape or form. We just have to stand strong and fight the fight when we let ourselves do that.

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