Slow Times

I am getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore. It’s getting to hard to just carry on with the status quo. No I am not suicidal but I can see  my mood evolving just like my diagnosis. I have had a general ambivalence towards my health since my meeting with the Psych. She threw me for a loop and I am still spinning almost out of control.

I have had several blog posts brewing in my head for the past week or so, and if I had sat down and actually written them I would have been quite the most prolific in a long time. I still have the post ideas in my head and maybe after dinner tonight I may sit down and try and flesh out a post or two to post over the next couple of days. I really need to make an effort in my writing I have plenty of venues for it but I just, as of late, don’t have the ability to sit down and make the most of it.

I certainly don’t have writers block, quite the opposite which is unusual. I always seem to be struggling for ideas, but it’s been a pretty interesting week so far news wise and for once I feel like tackling the news head on. I have been inspired by other bloggers that have been new to me. It’s always good to have an injection of new blogs to read. I think I added three or four new blogs to my Google Reader this past week.

Well I hope this hasn’t bought anyone down like it has me.

Until Next Time…


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