Something New

Things have been pretty stagnant around here for a while.. in fact for pretty much the last year. I haven’t written much from the start. Hell this blog is almost 4 years old and there are only 130 posts, one of which is a draft and one is private.

I had a Recovery Group meeting today and I was asked about hobbies and things I enjoy doing and I was really stumped, all I had was the occasional bout of writing and surfing the Internet. We didn’t have much time to think about answers to our questions, with 5 people in the group and only having 90 minutes to fit it all in we had to think fast. I am sure if I had more time I could have come up with a few more things but nothing of much consequence.

After the group finished I sat outside on the wall of the hospital walkway and was fiddling about with my phone and was looking at my camera apps and looked around at the scenery and took a couple of pictures with Hipstamatic. I love this app, it gives a different look to each photo I take. I like different, it matches what I usually see without a camera in front of my face. I have a couple of others that do similar things and they are all great but Hipstamatic has more range and more options.

Anyway this spontaneous picture taking led me to an idea. It’s nothing new and if I could be bothered I could probably Google 1000’s of Blogs, Tumblr sites and various websites that do the same thing, but I think it could be interesting. My idea is to post a few picture a day that I notice around my life. It could be something simple like my first cigarette of the day or it could be something more profound… my first cup of coffee of the day. I have no idea where it’s going to take me, but one thing I am sure of is that it will get me back into the swing of opening up my dashboard and actually putting something out there for a change.

I will try and write a little something when I post the pictures. I am going to try and figure out the WordPress iPhone app. It’s been a bit of a bugger every other time I have tried to use it, but I now have an incentive to get my head round it and use all the tools at my disposal.

One last thing.. I am going to try and do this without using Photoshop. If I do use it it will just be to make the images more streamlined for web use. It’s no fun trying to upload 3 or 4 3mb images and an even bigger pain in the arse trying to download them if you are on a mobile device.

Watch out for the first post sometime this evening.

Until Next Time…

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