Shots of the Day – 17th August 2011

Today was a good day. I felt good, even after only 5 hours sleep. I don’t know what changed but I just felt energized, like my batteries had been changed and I was running on full power. I got a phone call from my CPN and we discussed how things are going, if I was having any problems with my medication, how was my mood doing. He asked if I thought we needed to meet up and catch up.. it felt good to be able to say no, use your time on someone who might need it a bit more than me (he mentioned that while he was off on leave they had increased his patient load quite a bit and a few other things that were taking his time.)

This afternoon I had a Physiotherapy appointment for my neck. I like my Physio, he’s a great laugh.. I didn’t really catch on to his sense of humour on our first meeting, he caught me out but I soon learnt. Today I was strung up like last week on a different piece of equipment but designed for larger weights. All the time I was having my neck stretched we were talking about Game of Thrones (he had just watched the last couple of episodes last night.) Just two fantasy geeks nattering away.. it was good.

After the Physio mum and I went into town to do a little shopping and stuff. Again it felt so easy and relaxed. Okay Wednesday around here is half day closing and after 12pm it gets like a ghost town but still I felt really good and totally not bothered about being out of the house. I had ZERO anxiety. I wasn’t bothered about going into shops. The supermarket was a breeze. I was taking my time and shopping for the first time in damned if I know how long. Mum was surprised at how well I was taking it.. how well I was coping and having a “normal” shopping trip.

Anyway, I have gone on too much about how brilliant I am :o) Now to today’s pics. I had fun looking around for stuff to capture, I really want a decent camera, but in all honesty.. I doubt I could be as open with a normal camera as I am with my iPhone. I wouldn’t mind a new up to date iPhone, but I am more than happy with my 3gs. Here we go…more shots of the day.

Until Next Time…

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