Waiting For England

Here I am at almost 4.30 on a Sunday morning waiting for the England Vs Georgia Rugby World Cup fixture to start at 7am. I am just hoping that it is better than last weeks game.. especially as I am staying up all night to see it. Last weeks game was just a clusterfuck. The worlds greatest Kicker EVER couldn’t find his way between the sticks and it made the game far closer than it should have been. The only saving grace is that the Argentine kicker was just as oblivious as well.

There are family issues going on here. Linda’s brother is very ill and is in Intensive Care. It’s hard on Linda knowing that she has probably seen him alive for the last time. When the time comes she want to go back to the States to be with her family (totally understandable) the only thing in our way is Money. I *just* about have enough to get her a ticket if I max out the credit card.. and we find a good deal online. That’s a problem for the future.. a ways a way in the future we hope.

As promised in the last post here are the remaining photos’s from Jess’s birthday trip to Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Until Next Time…

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